Covid 19


Whilst official restrictions have been lifted, and the latest variant seems to be comparatively mild, the safety of our Guests and of our Team remains paramount

  • Although the wearing of face masks when not seated is no longer required, we do encourage you to do so
  • Ordering at the Bar is allowed, but table service can be provided on request
  • To protect our Team, bar stools will not return just yet, and we would prefer it if you only stand at the bar when ordering
  • You may stand elsewhere in the Pub
  • Sanitiser stations will remain in place for you to use, and we encourage you to do so
  • We will continue to regularly clean & santise touch points
  • Staff will wear face masks at their own discretion, and are encouraged to do so
  • Stay safe, and respect each others space!
  • And be kind! This isn’t easy for us either